Artist Statement

Linda DemetreI am never without a camera, always ready to capture a moment in time.  What is most intriguing Are the relationships between people, whether it be a couple romantically absorbed over dinner, a mother with her child , women conversing over coffee, a man and his dog, etc.  You get my drift, life is all about connection.  My favorite method of painting is with a model, but often I am in the studio, recapturing an experience from an image.  Creating the composition is very exciting, but that is only the beginning.  The painting grows as you work on it.  Sometimes you begin with one idea in mind and the mood changes and the end product has taken a life of its own. Often I ask myself, what are they thinking and I am referring to the figures on the canvas. 
Our travels influence me tremendously and the last trip to Paris has given me enough material to paint for  the rest of my life, so I will do just that.